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Answers to common questions about mosquito control.

How often do you spray my route? 

We monitor each spray route by setting mosquito traps during the week. We count and identify mosquitoes that are caught in the trap.  We also take landing rate counts, where we count mosquitoes that land on our body within one minute. Spray missions are determined by trap count numbers, landing rate counts, service requests and weather.

I live next to a lake. Are mosquitoes coming from there? 

Usually only a few mosquitoes come from well established lakes or ponds, because natural predators such as fish usually eat the larval mosquitoes before they mature. It’s possible mosquitoes are growing in areas where the lake has overflowed its banks, where water stays behind and there could be pockets of water left over that will stay wet long enough to produce mosquitoes

How is the spray schedule determined? 

SWCMCD does not spray on a set schedule. We only spray when mosquito populations in an area meet the State guidelines for treatment. We conduct on-going surveillance to quantify mosquito populations. When mosquito populations get too high, then we will spray.

Can SWCMCD spray for a special event? 

It is against State regulations to spray for mosquitoes without scientific data to show treatment for adult mosquitoes is justified.

If SWCMCD is notified of the location, date, and time the event is to be held, at least 3 working days in advance of the event, various methods of surveillance can be done in that area to determine if treatment can be justified.

Please use the  “Submit A Service Request” button at the top of any website page, or click here to open the Service Request form.

Can we drop off our metal recycling goods to Mosquito Control? 

The metal recycling dumpsters have been relocated to 980 S. Co Hwy 83 Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459. If you need further assistance, please contact Walton County Landfill at 850-892-8180.

When will you host the next Hazmat Collection event? 

This event is not held at our location. For further information on this event please visit the Walton County Florida website or visit the link attached  Solid Waste & Recycling | Walton County, FL - Home Page

Am I able to connect my stormwater run off to the mosquito control ditches? 

No. Our mosquito control ditches were not designed ot intended for stormwater runoff. They are already at maximum capacity and adding more water will cause flooding to your downstream neighbors. 

Why do we need mosquito control ditches? 

Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant standing water. The more standing water is reduced, the less mosquitoes can reproduce. Our mosquito ditches help reduce the risk of standing water.

How do I get more information on the mosquito control ditches? 

You can get more information regarding our mosquito ditches by calling our office during normal business hours. Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:30pm.