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Product In Use

Products in Use

The EPA Regulates Mosquito Control Insecticides

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulated mosquito control through enforcement of standards instituted by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. This legislation mandates  extensive testing and documentation for public health insecticides, prior to their registration and use. These requirements are among the most stringent in the federal government and are met through research by established scientists in federal, state and private institutions. This process ensures that the public health insecticides available for mosquito control do not represent health or environmental risks when used as directed.


Sprayed from our truck mounted Ultra Low Volume sprayers along the streets of the District. We spray in the evening starting just before dusk and into the evening. Occasionally we will spray in the morning from  3-4 hours before dawn until just after dawn.



Altosid XR BriquetsCocobearNatular G30Vectolex FGFourstar BTI CRG

Cocobear is a liquid that is applied to the top of the water column by a pump up sprayer. It spreads into an extremely thin film on the surface which will cause the mosquito larvae to suffocate while trying to breath. It kills a very high percentage of the larvae present within 24 hours. We typically use these products on later instar larvae and pupae that are not feeding any longer

Altosid XR BriquetsNatular XRT

These products are utilized to treat the 10,000 storm drains spread across the District. One briquette is deposited in each storm drain and can last up to six months in the water. It slowly dissolves to treat an area up to approximately 100 feet squared. Pictured below our technician is dipping to see if there are larvae present in this storm drain. Many storm drains such as this one stay wet year round due to the water applied by the irrigation system.

Vectobac WDGVectolex WDG

These two products are utilized to treat roadside ditches and other non-permanent bodies of water that tend to be only flooded during certain times of the year. It is mixed at a rate of one pound to 100 gallons of water. The mixing tank is mounted on the back of four wheel drive trucks that are equipped with pumps, 100 feet of hose and a handheld spray gun. It is applied by the passenger while the truck is on motion to cover large areas of the county quickly. The Vectobac-WDG formulation remains active for up to 48 hours. The Vectolex WDG can remain active for over a week if conditions are right. This product kills only mosquitoes, midges and black flies.